About Wisdom Teeth

Also known as third molars, wisdom teeth are located the furthest back in the mouth. The name “wisdom teeth” is a reference to when these teeth typically erupt, during the adolescent years, as children become “wiser.”  The majority of young adults have four wisdom teeth (2 on top, and 2 on the bottom), but it is possible to have extra wisdom teeth, or even to have less than four.  Because of their location in in the jaw, wisdom teeth can become trapped or stuck in the jaw itself. Also known as “IMPACTED,” these types of wisdom teeth can be visualized on a panoramic x-ray.

Wisdom teeth have been identified for a long time as a potential source of problems for people. They can have a negative impact on one’s health. Numerous scientific studies have shown quality of life is better when wisdom teeth are removed in the teenage years. Lack of space for wisdom teeth to erupt can result in pain, periodontal disease, damage to other teeth, cavities, cyst formation and infection.

Erupting wisdom teeth can grow at various angles in the jaw, sometimes even sideways. They can emerge partially through the gums, or remain completely beneath the jaw bone. The channel between the mouth and impacted wisdom tooth is hard to see and clean, making it a magnet for pain and infection causing bacteria.

An impacted wisdom tooth can also be painless, leaving you unaware of it’s presence. However, when it starts erupting, the flap of tissue over it can become swollen and infected, causing pain in adjacent teeth, your ear or side of the face.

Most people have all of their wisdom teeth taken out during one procedure, preferably before the wisdom teeth have started coming into your mouth. Sometimes, it is better to remove wisdom teeth before root formation. An Oral Surgeon, like Dr. Webber, can remove your wisdom teeth safely and painlessly. The procedure is not complicated and can be performed with IV sedation. Your mouth will be numbed after you are sedated, so you will NOT wake up in any discomfort.

Recovery after surgery is not difficult, and the best part is patients are advised to eat a soft diet like ice cream, mac and cheese, smoothies and apple sauce. The stuff people love to eat anyway!!

It is better to have your wisdom teeth taken out before age 21, and especially before problems develop. The surgery is less complicated and people heal better at a younger age.

So don’t delay. Take charge of your health, and schedule a “Wisdom Teeth” consultation TODAY!

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