iCAT® 3D Cone Beam technology provides a digital tomographic view of the patient’s area of interest.  A traditional x-ray is only two-dimensional.  With Cone Beam systems, Dr. Webber is able to obtain a full 360 degree view of your jaw, teeth, and associated structures.  The 3D Cone Beam scanner provides nearly limitless views of the teeth while using less radiation than traditional medical CT technology. This new technology is fast, simple and painless, providing many wonderful benefits that were unavailable only a few years ago.
Digital x-rays reduce the amount of radiation needed as compared to film x-rays.  The improved diagnostic capability of digital x-rays and the ability to view the x-rays on a computer screen allow the patient to better understand and follow treatment.  Digital x-rays are instant, there is no longer a need to develop the film.  Digital x-rays save time and increase patient care.  It’s also a very green technology.  By eliminating film, developer and chemical waste it is better for you and the environment!
Using Electronic Medical Records, our practice is able to quickly and accurately access patient information in order to provide the utmost in patient care.  This helps to ensure patient confidentiality as well as reduce the need for paper.  Using a digital format allows for quick access to your information when needed for insurance records yet provides a secure filing system.
Our patient’s vital signs, such as blood pressure, and heart rate are monitored continuously during IV sedation. We use state of the art equipment, including a Criticare® monitor. Respirations are checked continuously via pulse oximetry, and capnography, which shows real time breathing. EKG is also utilized. Dr. Webber wears a bluetooth stethoscope which allows her to listen to heart beats and breathing. Our staff stays current through drills and training and we keep a full crash cart. We have 3 dental anesthesia trained assistants in the surgical room with Dr. Webber during procedures. Your safety is our top priority.
Our office offers free Wi-Fi for our patients use while visiting our office.