Pre-College Checklist

  1. Have a dental check-up and cleaning. Call your dentist today!
  2. HAVE YOUR WISDOM TEETH OUT. Call Dr. Webber at 757-965-7743.
  3. Learn how to get ready quickly in the morning.
  4. Get an eye exam.
  5. Have a physical , and make sure your immunizations are up-to date.
  6. Write down your family doctor’s name and number
  7. Have prescriptions refilled.
  8. Create a professional e-mail account.
  9. Memorize your social security number.
  10. Know your health insurance information.
  11. Learn how to do laundry.
  12. Open a checking account.
  13. Shop for dorm room items.
  14. Connect with your new roommate.
  15. Spend time with your parents!!
  16. Clean up your facebook page.
  17. Service your car.
  18. Organize your finances. Do necessary paperwork for scholarships and loans.
  19. Clean out your closet- your high school wardrobe may need to be different from collegiate clothing.
  20. Set up a LINKEDIN account-professional facebook. This will come in handy when looking for internships and jobs.
  21. Get a haircut.
  22. Collect your friends’ college addresses.
  23. Organize your life. Mark down on calendar key academic dates: finals, end of classes, vacation times. Etc
  24. Get ready for a wonderful experience!